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The dogs are the true stars of the Iditarod. Now our fan's can choose a special dog to sponsor and follow throughout the racing season. When you sponsor a dog, you get your name posted under that dog's picture on the website. You will also receive a custom Sponsor's Package including a framed photo of your dog autographed by Dallas Seavey. More details coming soon!
Guiness // Lead // 10 Yrs Old

 Guiness was the ultimate sled dog, and is the matriarch of our kennel. If you picked one word to describe her- Intense. This little girl that was "too little to race competitively" broke all the rules. Her tiny legs somehow outran and out lead every dog in the kennel. Her racing weight was between 35 and 39 pounds. She loved to lead, could be steered anywhere using only voice commands, and never got tired. She won the Golden Harness Award in the 2012 Iditarod. This is a prestigious award where exceptional dogs in the race are nominated and voted for by the mushers in the Iditarod. Guiness retired two years ago, and now spends her time having puppies, and teaching them to mush.

Diesel // Lead // 7 Yrs Old

 The main leader in Dallas’ team, and father to most of the young dogs in the kennel. He will most likely spend the first several hundred miles in swing or team position. This will keep him fresh, as Dallas will be counting on him to take over the lead when the runs get longer and the rests get shorter. As an experienced race leader, Diesel knows where Nome is and can be counted on to set a fast pace and keep the team moving. His pups are consistently big, happy, and inherit his unique "rolly skin" and soft coat. 

Sable // Lead // 7 Yrs Old

 The sister and sidekick to Dallas' main lead dog Diesel. Sable is little dog with long legs, kinda giving her the appearance of a monster truck. This gives her the ability to travel quickly through deep snow that a dog with shorter legs would have trouble running through. She loves to lead, and is fast. While most dogs prefer to share the leading responsibilities by running in double lead, fiery little Sable prefers to run in single lead.

Beatle // Lead // 6 Yrs Old

 A finishing leader. He is the another very experienced lead dog in the team. Beatle’s father is the famous Zorro from Lance Mackey’s kennel. Beatle is fluffy, happy, and always smiling. He has this amazing ability to minimize dismal trail conditions. Breaking trail…NO PROBLEM. 50 below…GREAT! Gail force winds…I WANNA GO! 

Rody // Lead // 5 Yrs Old

 She is Crockett’s litter mate (see earlier profile for Crockett). While she started out pretty skittish like her brother, she has calmed down considerably and has a sweetness about her that so many of the female sled dogs have. She finished last year on Dallas’ winning team on her very first Iditarod. This year in training she stepped up and developed into a sharp driving little leader. She’s the smallest dog on the team, but is one of the core dogs in Dallas’ front end. 

Lincoln // Lead // 6 Yrs Old

 This dog is a perfect example of Dallas’ ability to maximize a dogs potential. At six years old, Lincoln just finished his first Iditarod last year. He was the runt of his litter, and seemed to take longer than the rest to mature. Let’s just say he was a bit of a late bloomer. As a younger dog he had trouble keeping up with the rest of the team, and would occasionally come up with sore wrists or shoulders. Dallas would patiently rehab him and then drop him back to train at a less competitive pace with the younger dogs. Lincoln has developed into a sharp, dependable leader with the athletic ability to back it up.

Tucson // Lead // 5 Yrs Old

 This guy is a small, quick dog who likes to lead. You can pick him out of the team easily because he's usually wearing a spandex "T-shirt" to prevent his harness from rubbing in his armpits. This issue is due to to his unusually deep chest (like a greyhound) indicative of huge heart and lungs. Dallas helped his dad design the Seavey harness system several years ago, and even sewed the first proto-type himself. Designing a special harness for Tucson is on his to-do list before the next Iditarod.

Blazer // Lead // 3 Yrs Old

 Blazer looks identical to his dad, 2004 Iditarod Champion Colonel who passed away last year. Colonel ran 8 Iditarod's, countless mid distance races, and is the only dog from the Seavey kennels to have finished every single race he ever started. Blazer inherited his dad's legendary long back and smooth trot.  He cruises down the trail efficiently and effortlessly. He stands out at one of the top young dogs racing with us this year.

Paxson // Lead // 3 Yrs Old

 As a young 2 year-old, Paxson won a very competitive Jr. Iditarod in lead. This dog is big, powerful, and seems to be the perfect sled dog. He picked leading right away, and now is emerging as one of the strongest athletes and lead dogs in the team. Even considering his Jr. Iditarod victory and considerable talent, Dallas chose to wait to race Paxson in the Iditarod until this year. The large powerful dogs like Paxson tend to mature later than the small to medium sized dogs their same age. So now that Paxson is fully grown, watch out! This dog is a monster.

Fox // Lead // 3 Yrs Old

 Generally found running in lead or swing with his brother Paxson, Fox is the smaller member of this dynamic duo. He is still developing his confidence, so usually ends up playing the side kick roll next to his brother. This will be his first winter training with the A-team, and he is definitely showing signs of greatness. The goal this winter is to set Fox up to succeed, building his confidence, and developing him physically and mentally. This dog has got the speed and drive to really make a difference in the front end of our team this year.

Sierra // Swing // 4 Yrs Old

 Sierra's litter mate Taurus won the Iditarod this year with Dallas' dad Mitch, and was honored with the yellow roses at the finish line. Sierra seems to have the same attitude and drive that her brother has only in a smaller package. She is so sweet at home in the yard, that you would never guess what a hard core dog she is. It is obvious that she loves her job.While most sled dogs bark excitedly during the hook-up and every time you stop, they are generally quiet while running. Sierra, on the other hand, is so exuberant and vocal that she often starts barking spontaneously while running down the trail. 

Seger // Swing // 4 Yrs Old

 This is dog that we bought from another kennel. He was for sale because of his high-strung, skittish personality that mushers call a "spook". He's a nice looking dog who is showing potential as leader, and is one of my favorites. After training with the team last year, and experiencing the security that comes from strong leadership, he has started to relax and show his more affectionate, playful side.  

Hombre // Swing // 3 Yrs Old

 Hombre is the son of the 2012 Iditarod Golden Harness award winner Guiness. His unique fuzzy coat gives him the appearance of a very old dog. His entire life, he’s insisted on sleeping outside of his dog house on the ice, causing him to be all frosted up on cold mornings. Hombre comes from an exceptionally talented litter, and though he’s the least impressive looking of the bunch, he’s proven that he may just be the most talented. He finished last year’s Iditarod with me as a two year old. We have never worked with a dog with this much raw talent and athletic ability. It's very likely that he will become the number one dog in our team within a few years.  

Badger // Swing // 4 Yrs Old

  The runt of his litter, Badger was noticeably smaller than his litter mates at birth. As he got older and started going on puppy walks, he would often get left behind. We spent a lot of time waiting for him to catch up, digging him out of snow banks that the other pups effortlessly bounded through, and sometimes carrying him home while his litter mates finished running. We wondered if the old saying that the runt of a litter will fail to thrive as an adult would turn out to be true. Though on the small side, he grew into a decent looking sled dog, and competed in several mid-distance races last winter. However, during a vet exam last year, the veterinarian heard a .hearth rhythm that could indicate a congenital heart defect, putting Badger at risk for a fatal heart attack. After taking him in for an ECG, the results were in. Badger is such an elite athlete and in such superb condition, the his heart has grown much larger than normal size. His heart and lungs are so efficient that his hear actually skips every few beats. Look for great things to come for this amazing dog.

Tux // Swing // 3 Yrs Old

 Runs next to his brother Blazer most of the time. Tux has proven himself as a talented leader. He’s a little bit taller and lankier than his brother, and is an exceptional athlete who hasn’t missed a beat all year. His flashy “tuxedo” markings have made him the poster boy for our Alaska Sled Dog Tours tour business. 

Tux is sponsored by Michael Cook and Clair Fitzpatrick.

Candle // Swing // 3 Yrs Old

 This little female swing dog is the top athlete from her age group in our kennel. That's a huge accomplishment considering it's the most talented group of dogs we've ever worked with. Named after a village outside of Nome, Candle’s got one of the sweetest personalities in the yard. She has a small, sleek build and an unusually long stride. Candle works hard, travels along the trail effortlessly, and is the happiest dog in the team during the long runs and short breaks. She's always got that super alert look on her face reminding me of a little fox. She finished last year’s Iditarod in fourth place on her rookie year! 

Schooner // Wheel // 4 Yrs Old

 This guy is so laid back; a total couch potato. He spends his days off draped comfortably over his dog house, or often times sitting slumped with his back against his house, his rump on the ground and his back legs stretch strait in front of him. Schooner is long. Long back, long legs, and best of all, a long trot. He’s one of the larger dogs on the team, and spends most of his run ambling along in wheel. His role in the team is to provide much of the horse…I mean dog power to get Dallas up and over the Alaska range.  

Glitter // Swing // 4 Yrs Old

 "That dog is insane!" is the common refrain after someone has mushed Glitter for a few hundred miles. The first daughter of our kennel matriarch and Iditarod Champion lead dog Guiness, Glitter seems to be following in her mother's paw prints. She has almost identical coloring and markings of her mother, and seems to have her spirit as well. Glitter drives hard 100% of the time, loves to lead, and never seems to tire. She is small, but it doesn't seem to matter. After an especially difficult or long run, when the other dogs are mellow and calm, Glitter and her excess energy can't help but start causing mischief.

Sequoia // Team // 4 Yrs Old

  Sequoia thinks that she is a fighter, and does her best to pick a fight with just about every dog she encounters. Ironically, she is one of the smallest dogs on the team. It's possible that she suffers from the same "Little Dog" syndrome that your grandmother's lap dog has. Either way, she is pretty cute when she tries to be mean. As a small dog on an Iditarod team, she's gotta be a top athlete to keep up with the bigger dogs. A small dog's main advantage, is that they seem to recover faster between runs, making Sequoia a strong asset within our team when they start taking short rests on the race.

Hero // Team // 4 Yrs Old

 Hero is a beautiful dog and has that classic Hollywood Husky look. He is the biggest dog on the team, spends a lot of time in wheel, but despite his large size, is a surprisingly fast and willing lead dog. He's a hard working, good looking dog who's friendliness and personality has made him a favorite. If he makes the team, Hero will be a rookie in this year's race, but since he was conceived at the starting line of the 2010 Iditarod, he almost qualifies as an Iditarod finisher! 

Ears // Team // 3 Yrs Old

 Ears got his name soon after birth for obvious reasons.  His striking markings and friendly face make this easy going guy memorable to fans and tourist who visit the kennel. He is an all around solid dog who is a joy to race and train. His favorite running mate is his brother Casper. They have a similar build and look almost identical except for the ears.

Casper // Team // 3 Yrs Old

 Casper has the perfect build and gait, and has the potential to develop into a star as he matures. His only weakness is really long toes. Long toes are more prone to injury, causing mushers to favor dogs with "tight feet" Casper stubbed a toe on last year's Iditarod and caught a ride in the sled for much of the run. Luckily, his toe recovered in time for him to continue the race. He was one of three two year olds who finished the Iditarod with me last year. Well… almost finished. He was dropped in Safety, the last checkpoint of the race about 22 miles from the finish line. He was doing well, but wasn’t as fast as the rest of the team. It was a close race, and I wanted to be driving the fastest team possible in case we had to sprint at the end. 

Whisper // Team // 3 Yrs Old

 Another daughter of Guiness, Whisper may be one of the sweetest dogs we know. She is built like a grey hound, has amazing speed, and stands out as a potential leader. Her perky friendliness makes her a fun dog to race and train, while her pedigree and athletic talent make her strong contender for this years Iditarod team. If you have any doubts regarding her toughness, consider that she is the only girl in a litter of five enormous boys. This girl can hold her own.

Patron // Team // 3 Yrs Old

  Patron is a handsome dog with a beautiful blonde and white coat. An ideal team dog, he keeps a low profile in the kennel in the team, and is one of those dogs that you don't really notice. You don't notice them because they work hard, eat well, behave, and just kinda blend in to the team. It's dog's like Patron, who never really stand out or shine early on, who are still there in the end, strong and steady. Patron is also admirable for his endless patience with his smart-aleck brother Cuervo.

Cuervo // Team // 3 Yrs Old

 Cuervo has been dubbed the canine version of Dallas Seavey. He is small, confident, and can't sit still. He is also incredibly mouthy, often times smarting off to dogs twice his size. But like Dallas, Cuervo can run...and run and run. He loves to eat, and can usually finish his food in time to swipe somebody else's too. If there is a disturbance at 3 a.m. in the dog yard, it is usually Cuervo trash talking. In spite of his aggressive demeanor, he gets along with just about everybody.